Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Sid Presley Experience - Public Enemy Number One

Back in the mid 80s I was living in Brighton with Mrs. Mithering-Times, and we had a diary which came free with Sharwood's Spices. As well as being a useful source for Indian food recipes, it was somewhere we used to note the gigs we were intending to go to. One such entry (and I can't give the exact date as The Spice Diary is now safe under lock and key in The British Museum, where it belongs), was 'The New Sid Presley Experience' (they'd gone through some sort of split, but were on their way back) playing at The Royal Escape Club. I wish I could say we'd gone to see them that night and they'd torn the place down so bad Humpty Dumpty's physician had had to be called in to rescue the stricken venue, but we didn't because they cancelled on the day and never (to my knowledge) played under that monicker again.

As for 'Public Enemy Number One'; I know it's essentially the same big, fast, riff played over and over again, with a few sound effects stuck on top, but it's a formula that works. The Sid Presley Experience swept into town like a tornado and blasted the synthesizers back to Casioville. Two singles, a fistful of radio sessions, and an appearance on The Tube later, they were gone. As far as I can tell, nothing is available to buy on CD. There was a bootleg, Experience The Airwaves, available for a while, which still turns up on the sharing circuit, but nothing else. Some members went on to form The Godfathers.

Anyway, this is for Hefty Sefty and his 'Firewater' fanzine from way back when...

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