Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pictures of Match Stick Men V

Don Martinesque II., originally uploaded by mithering.
Walking past The Millstone in the Scientist Quarter of Manchester I spotted a familiar site transplanted from Salford via Mad Magazine. Way back in January 2009 I spotted a sign-writer's appropriation of the work of Don Martin outside The Black Lion in Salford. Well, he has struck again, with this work advertising The Millstone's 'Free and Easy' afternoons. The illustrations and most of the text are pure Don Martin.
Don Martinesque.
It's not the only thing which links the two venues. Like The Black Lion, The Millstone is also a venue at which I have seen a band. This time, though, it was a much happier experience when I saw The Nation of Ulysses (later to be better known as The Make-Up) tear it up in a small room above the pub on a 1990s Bank Holiday evening.

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