Friday, 29 January 2010

Chartered Trips.

I've been having conversations with a lot of new colleagues lately. At times talk has turned to my interest in birds. And I've been asked if I am a 'twitcher'. The answer is always no. I don't define myself in that way. In particular I don't buy into the knee-deep in reeds, chartered trips, collector mindset. I prefer to either stumble across birds by accident or visit familiar inner city sites as part of my daily business. So it was that two sights yesterday made me equally happy. The first, a drake Goldeneye in the city centre. The second, the sight of hundreds of gulls coming in to roost at Heaton Park reservoir.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Up Against The Wall XVII: Have you seen my poo?

Well, fancy that. I can now blog in real time from my phone. Drawn by The Youngest on his Thomas The Tank Engine Magic Chalkboard, 'Have you seen my poo'. They are such a happy pair, aren't they? And this isn't the first time he's drawn anatomically-accurate turds. The limbs are new, though.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Simpletones - I Like Drugs

Posted because I can't get the tune out of my head unless I pass it on like the monkey's paw. Enjoy. Then pass it on when your head buzzes like a Levenshulme fuse box.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Holiday Hymn.

Bullfinch , originally uploaded by Sergey Yeliseev.
I've just spent the weekend at a Center Parcs holiday resort near Penrith. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it. In the main, those who know me raised an eyebrow in concern when I revealed where I was going to be spending my birthday. It seemed doomed from the start. I pushed my expectations down as far as I could, stopping only when the frozen ground arrested my progress. In the end, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but beyond enjoying the pleasure of The Kids, it was a fairly joyless excursion.

I knew I wasn't really going to enjoy the subtropical super-duper heated swimming pool environment. It really is Not My Thing. For the record, though, I did go in after being thoroughly pestered into it by The Eldest, who seemed to think that I would be won over by the fact that the place had at least three hot tubs. That was on Sunday. On Saturday The Family went in without me, leaving me with a free two hours, binoculars and a bike to use as I saw fit.

I used the time frivolously, first of all I cycled round and round the complex, looking to see where there might be some opportunity to use the binoculars, but the more I cycled the more I found myself in an Ikea flat-pack council estate parachuted into the middle of a forest. It took me back to 1976 when my family moved from Salford to Grantham so my Dad could work for Oerlikon-B├╝hrle (they went under the name British Manufacturing and Research Company - BMARC or the more vernacular Marco's, but the Swiss wore the trousers), which meant we were gifted a new-build council house surrounded by fields as far as the A1 and beyond. Beyond being more and more fields as far as Harlaxton Manor. And beyond.

Bruised by nostalgia, I followed the signs to The Bird Hide, which was along a short path adjacent to the main car park. It was the only part of the park which hadn't been adequately sanded, and I suspect it was because nobody was using The Bird Hide (on the three occasions I visited I saw nobody else). To be fair, it must have been a recent addition - the smell of fresh wood permeated the air. The Hide itself wasn't hiding any great secret, it was more a box from which to view very well-stocked feeders. A free bar intended to persuade the hungry and the lazy to put on a show for the mildly curious. The feeders were buzzing with coal tits, feuding and fighting amongst themselves, along with the usual parade of species you see at these outside barbecue events - The Tits, The Finches, The Robins, The Blackbirds, The Pigeons and The Pheasants. A Center Parcs for birds.

Thanks to Sergey Yeliseev for this lovely picture of a Bullfinch in Moscow; taken earlier today at roughly the same time of day I admired his Center Parcs equivalent, perched beyond the gaze of the bird hide.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Into The White.

Cybersnow., originally uploaded by mithering.
I've been finding it hard to allocate mental time to this blog recently. First off because it's been Christmas and all that and my time is better spent playing table football and Wii bowling with The Kids. Secondly, because it's been snowing and all that (where have you been?) and my time is better spent making Cyber Snowmen and snow angels with The Kids. And also because it's been snowing and all that, so the week of leave I had to take between Old Job and New Job, the week in which I had so much activity lined up, was destroyed when I had to look after The Kids instead of Indulging Myselfish. Dee Stroyed like a 77 punker.

In the meantime, nothing has happened. A lot. I've 'come out' as myself both on here and on twitter. And I've started my new/old job which means travelling to Dewsbury nearly every day for a month to be trained to do what I already know how to do. (I know it's for The New Kids really, and they seem to be a smart bunch). It was when I was over there today, looking through the folds of one of those blinds that hangs down in strips rather than across - a kind of arsey version of a venetian blind - into a cobbled courtyard, streaked with murky, dirty snow, that I saw a grey wagtail.

It was the first time I've seen one away from water and reminded me that I needed to get cracking on this thing again, and that I need to get some closure on the Boddies to Dolefield / Peel Park to Dolefield adventure I closed on Christmas Eve so that when The Hive does eventually open I can begin again.