Saturday, 20 March 2010

Gordon's Not A Moron.

The Eldest decided to give himself the day off from ball-boying at FC United of Manchester yesterday, so we paid our first visit of the season to Course You Can Malcolm, "The Manchester club night that just happens to be in the afternoon and at the wrong end of the tramline..." to see 'Bernard', or as he is more famously-known, Gordon the Moron (Stage left,doing the hand-movements on Top of the Pops).  It's easy to forget how brilliantly special things can be at FC, or to take them for granted, but Bernard's unique blend of black humour and ten-thumbed ukele-picking soon erased the memory of the thousand and one spotty 'manc' bands previously seen at Malcolmses.
Before he played there was an impassioned speech by a representative from King's Lynn FC's Blue and Gold Supporters Trust telling us the circumstances in which they had formed and how they hoped to take forward their own version of fan-owned football.  He wasn't after anything, he just had a tale to tell.  At the end of our table were a few more Linnets, and they seemed to have had a great time, buying Fair Share Draw tickets, programmes, Under The Boardwalk, beer and two lots of tater hash each. Somebody should open up a decent pie shop in Kings Lynn.  They'd make a killing.

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