Sunday, 27 June 2010

Kicker Conspiracy - Day Sixteen.

We came across this fella on the way back from our post-Doctor Who visit to Heaton Park on Saturday night. It was in the grounds of the St. Margaret's Community Centre on St. Margaret's Road in Prestwich.  Going to the park so late with the kids wasn't something I'd done before and only happened because I was in such a jolly mood following Doctor Who that when The Youngest suggested it, I bit.  Based on previous early-morning archaeological experience of the kind of stuff that got left in the playground I anticipated a late visit would yield an army of sullen teens, and primed the kids to expect it. Instead, there was a healthy number of families still using the site.

We left the playground bit at nine and, at The Youngest's prompting headed off down towards the (closed) Farm Centre and beyond that, The Haunted Passage. On the way back up The Wobbly Path I suggested to the kids that if they stopped screaming and yelping they might see something special, like a fox or a hedgehog or, at worse, some rabbits. They duly obliged, but we saw nothing until, skirting The Commonwealth Games Bowling Green, The Eldest spotted five baby rabbits on the bank at the edge of the supposed community facility.  We doubled back from the way we were going and, through some expert creeping, got as near as we could to the little fellas.

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