Thursday, 17 June 2010


Bdum bdum. If there's one thing worse than school sportsday it's school sportsday in the blazing sun. I'm not made for it. Genetically, at best, I'm mongrel northern European. It's why I can't won't don't do festivals unless I have full backstage access and a lift out of there (those were the days). I've ended up sitting, alone, in the only strip of shade available. Like Billy Casper stuck outside the headmaster's office in Kes. What would really help right now is a nice cold beer. I need to get on that PTA and start suggesting stuff.

Update: Burnt the top of me blithering bonce, didn't I?  Also blazing sunshine meant I missed that I'd included a bit of my finger in the photo. I took the photo to try to find out what the blue (or pink - I'm colour blind) flower is.  Anybody know?

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