Friday, 24 October 2008

Jumped In A Puddle.

Wet Shoes Are Dangerous, originally uploaded by iChris.

Some things in life are crying out for the legitimacy of a Proper Noun. That terrible thing that happens when you are scurrying through town in the rain and you step on a loose paving-stone and it flips slightly up, sending a jet of water into your path and you boot it full on, getting a shoeful in the process. That should have a name. It would have saved me a lot of typing and you a lot of reading if I had just been able to say that I was hurrying to the bus stop tonight and I ****'d.

And while we're on about bus stops what about when you see the bus at the stop, and you think you don't have enough time to get to it before it pulls off so you saunter casually rather than running only to find the bus actually pulls off just as you get to it. And if you'd bothered to run...?

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