Tuesday, 6 July 2010

MacArthur Park.

So bye bye Central Library for the next four years (or so). Probably the last big refurbishment to get under the funding gate for a few years. And while we're at it, au revoir for the same time period to The Library Theatre who are also (logically) moving out.  First to take up an itinerant position at The Lowry and then on to the only opportunity better than moving into a scrubbed-up Central Library. Their very own space at another (if not THE) Grand Dame of Manchester theatre taking advantage of a heritage make-over, The Theatre Royal on Peter Street; better known these days as the avoid-at-all-costs Discotheque Royale. It's good to see one of Manchester's 'survivor' buildings, having avoided the 60s and 70s bulldozer-fest, buck the recent trend for turning everything into mal-shaped flats or unaffordable, cloned-from-head office hotel rooms. That the same dignity could not be afforded to The Free Trade Hall or The Old Fire Station is a real shame and, in terms of the former, two fingers from Manchester city Council to the historical and political importance of a building built on the bloodied fields of Peterloo.

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