Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Madison Time.

Louis and Paul, originally uploaded by mithering.

I've not posted here as much as I'd like to have done recently. One reason is that I've been dead busy; work is getting heavier, and I've been working on a project which deadened my thoughts for a while. There's also the fact of writing a very long blog post attached to somebody else's You Tube content only to find it never made it from You Tube to Blogger. Shit. That's linked to a rod I made for my own back by worrying about temporal consistency within the blog. I was not adding some things, even though they were interesting, because their timeline was either too far in the past to fit my restrictive notion of 'news', or because their time had not yet come in the timeflow of the blog.

So I'm posting this to say To Hell With That. I'll be posting more randomly from now on. More to come.

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