Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Castles Made of Sand.

'Liverpool Castle' Rivington, originally uploaded by mithering.

Is there a more pointless, smellier, more disgusting 'castle' than the turd known as 'Liverpool Castle'? Squatting on the banks of Rivington Reservoir near Horwich, near Bolton, and miles from Liverpool itself. This reduced scale replica of the original Liverpool Castle which was demolished in 1725, was either built as ruins, never completed, or both. Either way, work ceased when the money dried up with the death of money man, Lord Lever, in 1925.

A visit on Sunday revealed a shabby wreck with the smell of piss permeating the ante-chambers, and broken glass providing a constant hazard. "Do not climb the walls," declared the signs on the wall, warning against the decay. "Do not breathe in" would have been more appropriate.

Combat 18 are welcome to it.


  1. I think the only thing more pointless than this is Combat 18. Broken glass and piss are the ideal environment for them.